I love Corneille, digital & freedom

I may not have been blogging so much, and not even drawing too much, but I did draw a bit.

I’ve been inspired by the dreamlike, colorful, naive topics & lifework of Corneille:




And I’ve made some of my own:



I’ve also experimented with digital coloring (lifework with chinese ink):


And then, for my day job, some product drawings:

kanb22kanb33kanb44kanbbb 1kanbbb 2kanbbb 3

To conclude, I’ve made some Mail Art elements…:



(see who this is? 🙂

BIEBERIZED! Girl you don’t know how i feel (how i feel…) 😀

And then, some good old school own style straight out of my soul ink and watercolor drawings:




All put together: I love drawing in such freedom!

See you soon!

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