Well, in these days everyone wishes everyone the best, I can’t stay behind, now can i?

I wish you a sea of time,

so we can swim in it together


I sent these on a card to some of my dear friends I have only seen a few times this year, to my regret. My time is completely consumed you our small boys & our family, working full time, illustrating, running, and the left scraps go to my friends. So there you got my resolution:

‘Ge oogst wat ge zaait

Dus ik plant wa kwaliteit’ 

(Tourist LEMC)

(‘You reep what you sow, so I plant some quality’)

The card was for a New Year’s Postcard assignment for Circant, a circus school for kids. I hope you all see the numbers the dancers form

I love the Circus theme: bright colors, merriness, dancing’ feeling, laughs. ? Can we ever get enough of that?


Chinese ink & watercolor

4 thoughts on “2016

  1. I really like this artwork.So vibrant,So colorful,So much filled with merry expressions!”Always Look on the bright side of life” Lovely! 🙂

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