I must confess something: I like a good whisky sometimes. And I like to draw while I enjoy it. And luckily I have a very good friend who likes the exact same combination. So together we have the ‘Mega-Useless-Whisky-Drawing-Club’.  ‘Useless’- not at all, but we don’t want it ever to get serious. It’s just a motive to see each other, draw and have ‘a few’ whiskeys. The club extended already with a good handful of creative ladies, but we remain the only two who like both of these. Always fun!


Anyways: it was her birthday saturday. And what did we do? Yes, draw and drink whisky. With some friends. Ending in a great little party in her husband’s garage.



And – all she asked for her birthday was ‘something handmade’. So I drew these portraits of her. Sorry for the blurry pic, I made it so last minute I didn’t have the time to scan them. While making them, it struck me she looks so much like Frida Kahlo!




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