Back in MailArtLand

Mailart for me is the most flowing, easy going, fun way to make my art. I can assemble all kinds of small drawings, stick and glue and get messy, improvise, and I never know how it’s gonna look before I start. Plus, the receiver is mostly very happy with the funky looking letter in his or her mailbox.

And sometimes I even get very nice letters back…  I Mail-Art for about three years now and sent and received many letters, and about ten pen pals stayed. But this last year, they haven’t received very much mail. And I’m very happy, I made up for that, in a lovely week by the seaside; with time for drawing, loved it.

And I created my now hashthag #mailartfennabee on Instagram. I haven’t added all my mailartstuff yet, but go and check it out…

Maybe some mail artists out there want to write me? Check my profile on SendSomething or International Union of Mail Artists. Hope to see ya in my paper mailbox! 🙂

IMG_1143 IMG_0994 IMG_0996 IMG_1074 IMG_1020 IMG_1211 IMG_1187 IMG_1098 IMG_1102 IMG_1079 IMG_1202IMG_0988


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