Why I Run More Then I Draw Lately

I have less lust for drawing and making art than for running, these past months. That can happen. But what worries me a bit, is that drawing or mail-arting is not a daily routine anymore.  And while this is my Art Blog, I feel like starting to blog about running. Alarm! I took drawing up again because my oldest son was a very difficult sleeper, and needed to see me to fall asleep. So I put my drawing table next to his bed, and every day sat there, drawing for at least an hour.

And also, since I did Lilla Rogers Illustration e-course for almost a year, I have less confidence in my art-selling skills. I already blogged about it in my last post. Don’t think now I’m having a major Art Depression – it’s actually mainly about time and priorities. I love my fulltime job -and it’s been some really very busy months- and two boys of 3 and 5. And running -I’ll get to that right away. But. I don’t feel like I can actually réally accomplish anything. What I do: I make small nice drawings some friends & strangers find energetic and colorful. And that’s OK. I must maybe return to just creating without wanting to sell it. I just don’t believe, at this point, I’ve got it. But it’s not a bad thing. I`m not giving up. I even signed up for a second year of the e-course. But my expectations are a lot lower. I will now just try to draw and have fun drawing.


And then I’ve got running. Ah, running. I almost started running again at the same time as I started the e-course. I didn’t do any sports for almost ten years, after my sons were born. And I progressed, quickly. Oh, and finally, I was often outside, alone, in the trees, along the watersides of Antwerp… My man gave it two weeks -as I can enthusiastically jump into things and then give up without a glimpse. But I continued. This is what I had been craving for years! And my first race in April was not bad at all! Thàt really got me started. I could accomplish things! It’s so easy. Just running. And since then I ran races almost every month, and last month even got second for the first time! Hey, I’m 36, I’m not gonna win the Olympics anymore, and I run local races, but still: I’m in the winners percentile. And that’s a nice feeling.

That’s why it’s been so silent here. And why my Instagram-feed is dominated by running pictures. I hope y’all forgive me.

I’m still full of art plans. And my e-course starts on monday. Beware of lots of drawings! And I didn’t NOT draw either! Here’s January and February’s Art Booty. I even made some run-drawings! 🙂

IMG_9609IMG_9554IMG_9780 IMG_9352 IMG_9548IMG_9862IMG_9869IMG_9861IMG_9550IMG_9505   IMG_9549 IMG_9663 IMG_9664 IMG_9665notebook 1IMG_9793 IMG_9705 IMG_9765 IMG_9772 IMG_9814 IMG_9868

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