Crazy Flowers

I’m finished! Funky flowers and flashy colors inspired me for this ‘Crazy Flowers Party Paper Pack’ – the last assignment in the MATS B-e-course. Now that the course is almost finished and looking back, I must confess I have -maybe too much- been a ‘good girl’ in these 10 weeks. I always tried to follow the subject as close as possible. I kept trying to make it all as ‘brushed off’, ‘vectory’ and ‘clean’ as I admired with many of the classmates, and seems to be the art that sells.

I learned I have a lot to learn. I had hoped to find the balance between staying myself and also learning to make art that can be sold for books, patterns, editorial… But I have a way to go to keep my style consistent through all that. And hell, maybe I don’t even wànt to sell? I especially want to have joy. But let that be one of the courses mantra’s: People Buy Your Joy.

So actually MATS has been a re-discovery of my style, what I bring in my art from myself, and what brings me joy. I must dare and continue to bring that alive in al my artwork.

And well, I don’t like nor do brushed off & clean. I like it a bit rough, spontaneous, wild and bold. Vibrant colors and clear lines – that’s me! I should play that quirky card. Yay to that! 🙂

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