Have I been lazy in february? No, I had a new little assignment. A real challenge, illustrations for a cultural policy-plan. So lots of actions in the city had to be expressed. I again discovered that I can`t really draw, but that I have a feeling of color and expression that pushes me over that technical limitation.

Here they are:

SD1_K_Hetkleineontmoeten IMG_6061 IMG_6052


And for the rest:

  • my oldest son turned 4. How I love this kid…:)
  • I started running again three times a week after six years (and already have an appointment with my sports physician tomorrow since my knee hurts -this was to be expected 🙂


  • I sent just a few letters and made just a few ‘free’ drawings:

IMG_5793 IMG_5855 IMG_5896 IMG_5902 IMG_6006 IMG_5794 IMG_5795 IMG_5755 IMG_5777 IMG_5778 IMG_5780

  • I assigned for MATS! I am looking for new input, want to see how I can’t take my illustrating farther and by loving color and drawing, maybe one day live in a cabin by a lakeside with my man & sons and live from illustrating? Dreaming is allowed 🙂


  • I made the biggest mistake ever at my work -I am busy fixing it and I am blessed with a culture where mistakes are seen as learning challenges – but I learn this and will end this post thus: we, I, must…. SLOW… DOWN….


2 thoughts on “SLOW, MATS & DRAWIN’

  1. fenna,
    can’t find your profile on sendsomething.
    a letter I wrote to you on jan 24, came back to me today,wrong address..
    please go to sendsomething and leave me correct address.

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