Mail for Sam Cooper

I decided I’m going make a 365-days project of the Mail-Art. Also, on elaborating more about the letters I send, I can actually remember what I sent to whom and post the replies, too. I’ve send out lots of letters now, and I don’t know what was in which envelope… I start with a mail to Sam Cooper. I had found & followed her art on Instagram. And really love it! And she loved some of my work too. So I asked her address and… Here it goes. Hope she’ll be glad. 🙂

In this search for penpals it’s not easy or obvious to find people that match to your look and feel. I already received pretty things and that’s a joy, but also ‘so-so’-things. And I must be honest, I am happier & more thrilled when I receive something that I REALLY like.

Anyway, I am now going into my second onth of mail-arting and I strongly feel it’s someting that has to be build up slowly. ‘Slow is the new fast’. It’s nice that way.

And Sam’s letter leaves tomorrow for Germany… Arrive safely, pretty child of mine…;)drawing_0064

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