Lovely ArtWeek



mailart2 drawing_0050koffietasaardewerk

kookpot plastic koffiefilter pan drukpan
The sun finally kicked in this week! So I was more outside BUT still I made some postcards, mailed some letters, drew on old pictures & had a nice little assignment at work: line-drawings for product cards. They can ask me that anytime…:)

Reminds me of something… Long, long time ago I studied ‘illustration’ for 6 months. On day the assignment was: ‘documentary drawing of fruit’. But I just DID NOT succeed. Every drawing was ‘an artistic interpretation’. It really wasn’t for me. And the more they pressed & kept saying ‘No Fenna, AGAIN, still too artistic’ – the more ‘expressive’ my fruits became 😀

I learned: everyone can take a lightbox and transparent paper, but everyones lines will be different. And LUCKILY. I don’t like it too neat, anyway…

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