drawing_0037 drawing_0035 drawing_0036Well… I ‘art’ three kinds of art: (1) drawings, (2) old picture pimps and (3) mail art – I make & draw on the envelopes an mostly they contain one or both of (1) or (2). Mostly I choose one of these three ‘kinds’ for a blogpost bit now… I just happen to have  these three ready tonight.

I really love the quote ‘Intuition is a suspension of the logic due to impatience’. People often say: ‘You have a strong intuition that leads you’ – but secretly I must admit: It’s pure impatience 😉 Love that point of view.

Something else: I started only one month ago with mail-art, and I’ve sent out almost 30 letters & cards. And I eagerly check my mailbox everyday. I get less pretty letters returned then I hoped for… (but it will come! So I keep telling myself 😉 I want a letter-a-day, at least 😉 But it’s more like a few per week. But: I get so many grateful mails & letters… I can say, that makes it worthwile. Just sending a letter can bring such a joy! So now i let go of my expectations… It’s purely about the giving… That’s good for my spirituality 😉

So please, enjoy -if you wish- my latest little artworks… (before I send them away 🙂

One thought on “Three-Art-Some

  1. I think you are incredible! What a generous person! I hope your mailbox is full today. Impatient? I think you are enthusiastic and that is a spirited response to something new and interesting. Who would mail out 30 beautiful little pieces of art and not be excited to see what shows up in return?
    I am a very slow elephant, but I am going to attempt to create something for you – just for you!

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