Little Assignment & Uncertainty






I accepted -with pleasure- a little (voluntary) assignment. That was a long time ago. An actress friend wanted illustrations for three plays she promotes on her website. Now, I only took up the ‘free drawing’ for a few months. In my day job I also do graphic design and also occasionally illustrations , and I find drawing with a very specific topic much more limited.

I don’t want to suck the pleasure out of this newly re-found ‘free drawing’ by wanting them to be ‘good’ or ‘right’ or ‘useful’. In this phase of expressive drawing I’m into now, I don’t want any of that. Relaxing, a moment of silence, just me, the paper and the colors… FREEDOM!

And then this uncertainty that kicks in. When given a topic by a client, I’m never pleased with my drawings and barely dare call them ‘illustrations’. My drawing never perfectly expresses thàt topic. I can always be better. And please no looking for inspiration on the internet on the sites of my favorite illustrators: then I feel like I’m just in kindergarten playing with my markers :D. Oh, I am so hard on myself 😉 But I just did it, out of my heart and free hand, and hope she’ll like it…

Anyway, it seems my friend is glad with these drawings for her. Good! 🙂

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